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The Importance of your Website

by Rich Jambor
This article is an excerpt from a Jambor Group presentation at the Brewer Cote seminar in Florence, IN in March of 2009. Our founder, Rich Jambor, was asked to give a presentation to contractors on the importance of having a website for their business.

...While there are many reasons to have a professional presence on the internet, we will focus here on six key factors you should consider for your company's own website.


You must make your business able to be found by the ever-increasing amount of consumers on the web. Now, more than ever, the internet is the first place people look for virtually anything. If your business is not on the web, you are making yourself invisible to thousands of potential customers.


Whether you are looking to expand your service area or grow your customer base, the web allows you to reach new places you otherwise could not with ordinary practices of finding customers. In the past, while you would go out and search for customers, now customers can search for you.

Customer Service

Allow your existing customers to find you and your information as easily as possible. When a customer goes to your website looking for a specific piece of information and finds it right away without difficulty, you increase customer satisfaction without even knowing it.


Chances are, yours already has a website. Enough said.


A website is the business card of today. It is expected for you to have one as a business owner. Except instead of only being able to fit your address and phone number on a few inches of paper, you have a limitless canvas on which to express the first impression you want visitors to experience.

The Internet as a Leveler

For years, the Internet has acted as the most important leveler for businesses of any size. Visitors can get a feel for your company exactly the same way the get a feel for one 10 times your size. You control how they see your business. Level the playing field with a website that conveys the same quality that you strive for every day.